Wednesday, 25 September 2013

what brought me to Solent

I took a keen interest in Solent University after visiting the open day and being informed of what the course has to offer students who are interested in the competitive media world, such as myself. 

Each student I met at the open day seemed thoroughly enthusiastic and enjoyed their life at Solent. Also the surroundings, such as the main town, appealed to me as there is a lively atmosphere and it is known as being a busy 'student town'.

There was a strong sense of optimism throughout the day and the lecturers I conversed with about my chosen course, Multimedia Journalism, were extremely informative and gave me a great insight into the different aspects I will be experiencing. 

I have been unsure as to what field of Journalism I want to direct myself towards career-wise, which is why I chose this course as it will give me experience in all areas so that I can find my specific area of expertise, also I can find out what I really enjoy doing most. 

In five years time I can envision myself journalistically writing about current affairs from a first-hand point of view at a widespread newspaper, or setting my sights on a job at a travel magazine which can commonly be found in travel agents looking to promote holiday destinations. 

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